Stuff Coders Probably Think is Obvious (But I Didn’t Know)

Over the past few weeks, I’ve become elbow deep at The Coded in solving problems that most people probably don’t think twice about.  I feel like a dummy a lot, but I keep in mind the advice of Adam from The Flatiron School: just keep going.

For example, one of my biggest problems has been how to test my code.  I’ve been using CodeAcademy‘s dinky interface to stuff my code in and try to view the results.  But apparently you can use Google Chrome to load local content, even HTML files.  As *ahem* everyone should know.

Then I thought, “But how can I include my CSS, PHP, JavaScript, etc?”

I didn’t know that you can put CSS and other languages into HTML with “<style>” and “<script>”-type tags.

As a result, I now have all kinds of possibilities before me.  I can try to code ANYTHING and test the results.  It’s really quite daunting.



One comment

  1. I like that advice; just keep going. I just started working on an MS in computer science and i come from an unrelated undergraduate so i feel a little overwhelmed with getting up to speed on lots of things. Good to know i’m not the only one.

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