Making a Portfolio — from SCRATCH

Growing up, we made everything from scratch: birthday cakes, sandwich bread, bookshelves, cleaning detergents — but like most millennials, I’ve lost confidence that I can beat the commercial brands anymore.  I feel disconnected from products, and I rarely consider the prospect of DIY-ing very often these days.

So when Fullstack told me I’d be making a professional portfolio from scratch, I was actually kind of excited to try it.  Team Treehouse has a great tutorial to help out with it, so I started the process about a week ago.

Overall, things went very well.  Under Nick Pettit’s tutelage, I created a functional, three-page, fully responsive website using HTML5 and CSS3.  Even though I’m generally familiar with the basics, I was excited to try some new things, such as setting up a jQuery-like “on hover” command using CSS.  It was also exciting to see how easy it is to embed google fonts into any website.

Mobile Version of Site

Mobile Version of Site

Wide Version of Site

Wide Version of Site









My only complaint is that Treehouse uses a Normalize CSS file right off the bat to set things up.  I feel that this step adds an unnecessary layer of mystification to the website development process, and it takes away from my sense of accomplishment.  I’m not sure why this was necessary in the first place.

All in all, I consider this experience a success!  Thank you Team Treehouse!


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