TUTORIAL: JavaScript Debug Chart

As a new coder, I found the process of debugging overwhelming.  There were so many resources out there, so many possible errors, and always the likelihood that my error was being caused by multiple issues at once.  At that point, my default response to an error was to just ask for help from another coder.  I thought, “Shouldn’t there be a systematic way for me to do this myself?”

Enter the JavaScript Debug Chart, built from my own experiences of what resource works for different types of errors.  Many thanks to Zeke Nierenberg for his thoughts on structuring and publication. This table includes the resources that have been most useful to me in fixing simple javaScript.  I hope many others can benefit from this resource!jsdebugger2



  1. Ginna this is a great way to snap out of my first reflex – stare at the code and somehow figure it out. You show debugging succinctly and logically. Maybe add specifically a series of console.logs with clear messages, so you can see, for example, whether variables are even defined? Also, add something on finding the documentation and source code for any, say, node modules you are requiring? yesterday David helped me fix something by pointing to a comment in forum of developer’s documentation in repo.

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