Understanding BackoneJS

This week I gave a talk on BackboneJS, the first JavaScript framework to be adopted en masse by developers and large companies.  Although the developer community now views Backbone as an old framework, it was released only four years ago and is still widely used and celebrated.  When BackboneJS came out, it showed the coding community how indispensable a framework could be in allowing for better code organization, easier communication between the front and back ends using JSON, and powerful interaction with the DOM through its unique ‘Views’ component.  Its excellent documentation on www.backbonejs.org allowed old and new coders alike to learn and deploy it quickly on their projects.

BackboneJS is not only important to understand in and of itself, but also as an influencer of later frameworks such as EmberJS and AngularJS, and as the foundation for new frameworks such as AmpersandJS.  

For a simple overview of Backbone’s functionality, refer to my slide deck (below) and to the online documentation.
Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 1.20.13 PM



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