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Does the Cloud have space for me?

I just read a book excerpt by Astra Taylor that made my blood run cold.  It asserts that women in technology experience even worse conditions than women in the corporate sector, with half the pay of their male counterparts and very low respect on the job, leading to a 56% attrition rate.

I know this all too well.  Over the past six years, my bosses have commented negatively on my height, my weight, my hair color, my IQ, my ‘potential’ as they saw it.  Bosses have attempted to get me to work longer hours through ‘incentives,’ which turned out to be tiny bonus amounts, as if I were a dog waiting for the stick to be thrown.

I’ve been interrupted more times than I can count, criticized and laughed at during meetings with consultants, asked to fold napkins for the office Christmas party while my male counterparts stared at their computers.

I thought technology would be different.  I thought being really smart and working hard would be enough.

Will it be?



The Terminal: Stop Clicking. Start Doing.

Even though I grew up using MS Dos, I’m not used to navigating by typing anymore.  I’m from the point-and-click generation. I think I start to salivate when I hear the click and see the gear spinning.

So when my mentors told me I would need to use the Terminal in order to be a web developer, I rebelled.  I started calling it ‘The Terminator.’  I avoided it like the plague.  I tried all kinds of hacks to get around the Terminal.  But that energy was distracting me from being able to learn the content of the class.  It turns out the hack I most needed is an old-fashioned Terminal cheat sheet like this one so I can look up any command I need.

I also learned a few of the basics through a short Command Line Tutorial class (like this one from Team Treehouse). This has been very useful over recent weeks, helping me to focus on the web development and stop tripping over the file folders.  It came in very handy when I used VIM to set up a server on my computer.  And it really is fast.

Closing Thought:

As I learned at The C0dEd this semester, it is said that ancient Coders could code an entire website on their Macs without once clicking.

I seek to become one of these coders.