Culture Shock

IMG_0441When I say coding is ‘overwhelming’, I’m aware that this description is not very specific. There are so many things about coding that are overwhelming, and not just the ‘language barrier.’ I’m in brand new territory, filled with all kinds of new entities, new programs, new means of navigating around the screen, new means of breaking my computer without meaning to…

Here’s a sampling of some of the new programs I’ve needed to download/learn since I’ve started coding:

  • The Terminal — allows for navigating around your computer’s file structure and creating/modifying files using only keystrokes. Has its own language, with commands similar to the MS Dos commands I used growing up.
  • VIM — a pre-mouse text editor program. Has its own interface.
  • Sublime Text — a text editor program, probably the one used most in the coding world.
  • FileZilla — app that allows you to connect to both a local and remote repository in order to upload files to your website.
  • GitHub — website that allows multiple people to work on a project at once and take it in different directions.
  • GitHub app — helps users manage and upload local changes to GitHub website.
  • Go Daddy’s phpMyAdmin — SQL database manager that lets you view, create, and edit data structures on the back end of your website
  • — The wiki-answers of the coding world! Any question you’ve ever asked has already been asked and tackled on

Looking at this list, you’d think my Number One problem would be not knowing how to use these applications.  And yes, that is definitely an issue.

But it’s really irrelevant because I can’t even remember my password for half of these!  Every one wants a different number of characters, a different number of capital letters, no letters at all. …  Yeah.  I am so screwed.


App Development: First Impressions

I’m working at The CodEd on my first app Tot Text, along with my stalwart group members.  Before we get too far in the process, I want to log some first impressions of what it’s like to be doing actual coding — both front and back end.  Because it turns out that coding is a lot different than what I originally expected.  But also a little bit the same.

Things I did not expect:

1. The massive amount of file organization.

When I pictured becoming a coder, I saw myself working on one massive document.  I had no idea that I might be working on 500 files just for one website.  There is an unbelievable amount of organization, strategic naming, and file calling that goes into each part of the project.  Every time you rename something in one place, there are 50 other places that need to be updated by hand.

Sometimes I wonder if web development is closer kin to the ‘personal organizer’ profession than it is to the technology profession.

2. The amount of negotiation.

The IT/startup zone attracts hardworking people who stand by their work — but sometimes getting so many go-getters on the same page can be a challenge.  My group has been most successful when we’re using GitHub for version control, as well as update e-mails to let other group members know what we’ve done.

3. The number of technical challenges (even before we got started).

Between slow computers, bad network connections, different browser settings, different folder configurations … It took us about two weeks to all get GitHub working, not to mention getting anything done.  One day we missed an entire class period because we couldn’t find our GoDaddy account password. Another time we completed a timed project, but got no credit because we got kicked off the network.  I’ve had to let go and laugh at myself sometimes, and I’ve had to be patient other times when I wished I could just shake my computer to bits.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 4.33.06 PM

Things I did expect:

1. Tired eyes.  

I know I’d be running my eyes through miles of code looking for that one unclosed bracket.  And I’m getting a little better at it!

2. Great camaraderie, great people.

People in my class are always ready to explain, always ready to help.  There’s something about these challenges that build is bonding — being totally, totally lost for hours, then having that one minute of clarity.

It takes a certain kind of person to slog through the hours.  And that’s one thing I love about this field.

3. An almost infinite amount to learn.  All the time.

I try not to get bogged down by this.  I wanted a challenge, after all.  And where there’s a challenge, there’s room to grow.

Reslift in Beta?!

This week, Coded announced that their new resume platform Reslift is almost in beta form!  This is an exciting announcement — although jobs in the tech sector have changed enormously over the past 20 years, the resume is still sadly stuck in the 1970’s., and LinkedIn does little to change this.

Reslift offers a number of tools that other resume builders do not:

  • A snapshot of the applicant and his/her experience on the ‘front cover’
  • Ability to post an unlimited number of ‘clips’ in a clickable digital portfolio
  • Ability to see/follow the person’s social media feeds with a simple click
  • A ‘contact’ button that lets potential employers ask the applicant questions in order to assess fit
  • Connectivity with LinkedIn to allow the applicant to easily pull data from the LinkedIn profile into the Reslift resume.

However, there are also a few steps this web application needs to take in order to become an indispensable tool:

  • Add space for the applicant to feature his/her website or blog on the front cover
  • Link past employers’ names to their websites
  • Allow the user to edit the bullets under past jobs so that they aren’t smushed together
  • Functionality to delete any social media icons that are not applicable.  No one needs more than 3 social media icons on their resume, unless they are applying for a social media job.
  • Optional inclusion of the applicant’s LinkedIn recommendations, perhaps on the back cover
  • Bug: For some reason, it is not possible to make the social media icons actually link to my feeds.  I’m not sure if others have experienced this or not, but I assume the creators will fix this before the beta comes out.
  • Inclusion of a bitly link to paste Reslift resume to website, social media, email signature, etc.

All in all, though, I’m very excited for the beta to come out. I can’t wait to debut my new ResLift resume!

My Reslift Resume

My Reslift Resume Cover